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Business Process Management

End-to-end business process automation

In the age of digitization and the search for new sources of revenue, it is particularly important for financial service providers with high volumes and/or values, to achieve the highest possible degree of automation and handle manual activities with modern technologies in order to reduce costs significantly. Implementing the process chains in "end-to-end processing" is a central task that goes hand in hand with the relocation of tasks at the POS (Point of Sale) to the customer with close connection to digitization.

macrosConsult has the highest level of (management) and technical expertise in this area. With the experience base of its employees and executives, it is able to integrate itself very well into your decision-making situations and implementation processes and provide you with targeted support.


Rethink (Reinvent) and mobilize business processes.

The digitization of the Financial Industry is in full swing. Mobile solutions are developed for almost all financial world products, classic processes and access routes to the customer are redesigned. Omni- or multi-channel is increasingly being offered in Apps and the Branch is seriously threatened with extinction. Digital thinking and action requires not only the implementation of existing processes in IT. Financial Service Providers must include the buying and usage behavior of customers into the process design of digital end-to-end process chains and new products and solutions. macros can effectively assist to structure, prioritize and implement the digitization considerations in your business.

Software Selection

Analyze and select application software for sales and core activities.

Cost pressures, new requirements and technological change drive the revision and implementation of new software solutions in the sales and core banking sector. Finding the right software solution is significantly challenging as it is usually a multimillion investment involving very complex solutions which are constantly changing. Finding the most suitable software product and the most capable provider, in a largely crowded and confusing market for banking software products, is a core task. At macrosConsult, with our experience in this field, as your independent partner, we will show you the strengths and weaknesses of each solution and guide and/or accompany you in the selection process.


Making development processes agile while maintaining stable business processes

IT change Changing customer behavior and digital offerings with ever-changing content requires a "new IT" that allows for changes in short intervals and quick solutions. The existing priorities for the customer-facing IT are changing from quality to speed, without threatening stability. New software development principles such as agile development and the utilization of new technologies such as cloud computing must support these requirements. Continuous Delivery speeds up the software release process with a high degree of automation regarding design, write, test and release. However, these new techniques and tools require strong collaboration between business, development and operations to achieve the required speed of implementation while maintaining a stable operation. These requirements are difficult to implement in mature IT organizations. Traditional patterns of behavior and established processes, as well as resistance to change prevent the implementation of these requirements. We help you accelerate development and decision-making processes and establish IT at two speeds.


Optimize the value-creation chain and manage service providers.

The second generation of outsourcing and service provider management has arrived. After strategically delegating tasks to third parties with the resulting cost savings, increasing outsourcing regulation and increasing complexity of the business leads to the need of reviewing the division of tasks and activities between the service provider and the customer in order to achieve the original goals. However, new outsourcing considerations and third party service hiring continue to play a significant role in reducing costs and increasing delivery capability. macros has extensive experience in outsourcing and outsourcing management as well as in the subsequent "adjustment" of the value chain in both IT and business process sourcing. We can contribute with our extensive knowledge of the provider markets as well as the requirements of the regulators, to your optimization considerations with the objective of achieving expeditiously economic and qualitative improvements to your added value.