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Industry Sectors


Partner for banks and insurance companies

Success, reliability and trust for 20 years



In the banking industry, we can point to successful projects that have led to particularly efficient sales and IT processes in retail banking.


Saving Banks

In the savings bank segment, we worked with our local specialists in the migration processes on the new core banking system OSPlus. In this environment, we are today regularly involved in optimizing the core banking solution and training for employees.


Building Societies

Our know-how for mortgage lending has made us a reliable partner for Landesbausparkassen and private building societies. Especially we can improve the consultation and processing with our specialists and solutions in the process.  

Savings Banks Associations

The Savings Banks Associations value our experience in controlling large projects in which our activities have led to optimal transparency in terms of timelines, budgeting and content reporting.



In insurance, our focus is on IT consulting for reducing IT costs and optimizing processes. We are always mediators between the company’s different departments and IT.


Financial Services Companies

Our affiliation with Financial Services Companies allows us to execute large-scale IT infrastructure projects where our project management and banking experience is a useful complement to the partners' technical services.