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IT-Management Services


Experience and Responsibility in Transformation Management

Successfully Design IT Transformations.

A serious change process cannot be performed exclusively with standardized methods. The requirements are particular to each company and significant experience is required. Good preparation and detailed planning, but especially project risk management, are the basis for trouble-free migration. Our employees have experience and specialist knowledge and, on request, also can assume project responsibility. We always consider an IT migration or new IT development holistically realizing that it has impact and consequences in other areas of the company. Often it is necessary to adapt the business processes to new software solutions or to restructure them completely, which entails considerable increases in complexity in the transformation.

We advise and carry out the following tasks:
  • Program Management
  • Project management
  • Project Management Office (PMO)
  • IT Program and Project Management

    Successfully plan and manage IT implementation projects.

    The success of any IT transformation, whether due to merger, acquisition, modernization or structural change of a business depends very much on the professional management of the implementation project.Our IT migration experts know what is important and what risks an IT migration entails. A high-performance planning and project team is available for your project, guaranteeing you maximum efficiency in conception and implementation. We support you with the analysis of complex data and structures, planning tasks, methodical procedures and quality assurance up to the efficient implementation and adaptation of the relevant organizational structures. Depending on the task we accompany you through program and project management with all the skills and disciplines you need to successfully complete a project in the time and scope expected. You get the full power of project management or the use of a Project Management Office (PMO). In this way, we ensure that all projects are handled effectively, correctly, timely and within budget.

    The macros program and project management can effectively assist your organization in:
  • Structural transformation of mature IT landscapes
  • Mergers
  • Consolidation processes for efficiency and performance improvement
  • Division restructuring
  • In preliminary studies to reshape business areas
  • IT Strategy

    Optimize IT Strategy, IT Architecture and IT Governance.

    The IT strategy of a company deals with the basic orientation and the objective of IT. Our objective at macros is to find the right IT strategy derived and optimally adapted to the business strategy of your company. The essential components are the creation of an IT target landscape or development plan, the technical architecture, IT security as well as the structuring of relationships with the clients in-house and the decision-making structures and processes or IT governance.

    Current requirements arise from increasing IT regulation, digitization and the need for cost reduction and transparency in IT. Given the great amount of tasks it is necessary to prioritize IT measures and to develop and update a roadmap in order to optimize the use of scarce resources. In addition, it is important to design the value creation depth optimally, balancing the relationship between own and third-party manufacturing in order to achieve optimum quality, cost and delivery capability.

    IT Cost Management and Controlling

    Make costs transparent and lower, increase performance.

    IIT costs are one of the largest expense blocks for financial services providers. Both ongoing operating costs and the cost of developing new systems generate significant expense. However, often there is lack of cost transparency as well as lack of transparency in terms of causation. We will find solutions for transparent and continuous improvement of existing and developing IT structures, especially in terms of cost and performance. Cost transparency is crucial for your success. When you know the real costs of all individual performance units in IT such as: IT personnel costs, IT infrastructure costs, application costs, you are influence the cost causer. We support you in implementing cost reduction measures, organizationally and personally anchoring the cost responsibility in your organization, and raising the cost awareness of your employees.

    We advise and carry out the following tasks:
  • IT application and IT infrastructure analysis
  • Software selection
  • IT cost analysis / IT reporting
  • IT regulation
  • IT cost and activity accounting