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Our values ​​and corporate culture

Our values ​​express our attitude towards our customers, business partners, Employees, the environment and the public. Therefore, it is essential that we live these values.

Owner-managed, independent company

macrosConsult GmbH is completely independent as an owner-managed consulting company. Thereby we guarantee total objectivity and freedom in our consulting. All owners are part of management, working in and shaping the future of the company. Unlike many companies, macrosConsult is not subject to the influence of the capital market and is therefore free from the pressure of pure profit orientation.


Presence and competence

Our employees, partners and managing directors work on-site in customer projects and contribute their many years of experience. This means for you that our managing directors and partners are always there for you personally. Our goal is a long-term and confidential cooperation with high level of customer orientation and proximity. In all business services we offer, we have the appropriate expertise at the management and partner level. We would like to advise you professionally, efficiently and with sound expertise. This is why macros employees enjoy a very high reputation among our customers. They always keep themselves up to date continuing their education. 


Focus and sustainability

We value a long-term cooperation with our customers. Only through a lasting mutual relationship can an optimum be achieved for your projects. We align our own actions to your needs, are constantly looking for better opportunities and develop needs-based solutions with maximum benefit. We commit to sustainable and responsible action. And we do this consistently, by all employees and in all areas. In particular, the results of our consulting activities aim to meet long-term and sustainable core values.


Partnership-led teams

Team spirit is a very important success factor in our company. Our teams are hierarchically flat, flexible and powerful. Partners and principals lead them on site. As a customer, you therefore always reach the team leader and can always find out the status of the projects. We have short and fast decision-making channels. Depending on the project, we put our teams together individually for your area of ​​responsibility.


Compliance rules are the basis for a trusting relationship with our customers. Both the management and each individual employee undertake to comply with this Code of Conduct.


Loyalität and fairness

We stand on the side of our customers and see ourselves as their representatives. Trust is our most important principle and basis for our long-standing customer relationships. Starting with initial contact through to complete order realization and aftercare, this includes a commitment to absolute professionalism, transparency and fairness. Honesty, tolerance, appreciation, mutual respect, confidentiality, seriousness, neutrality, confidentiality and fair pricing are the basic principles of all activities. They characterize our dealings with our customers as well as our dealings with employees and partners



Openness and clarity are indispensable for sustainable success. From communication to fee structure, we are always transparent. We share our needs, expectations, experiences and goals with our customers, partners and employees to achieve good results together


Discretion and integrity

Our business is based on integrity, appreciation and compliance with laws. Compliance is therefore of crucial importance to us. For us, that means keeping clear rules and doing the right thing. At macros, compliance means compliance with regulations, corporate policies and ethical principles. Our business is based on these principles and we consider it absolutely essential for the company, all employees and our customers and suppliers to abide by the rules. Along with this, we want to avoid any misunderstanding and be able to meet our customers with even greater confidence.